Free Your Feet from Mathieu Spencer on Vimeo.

You can have a Ferrari but if one of the tyres has low pressure or is used the car is going to drift.
You can use it but not to it’s full performance.

Our feet are similar to a pair of tyres
But we only have 1 pair for our whole life.
We need to take care of them te be health and have the best performances.

To dig deeper into the world of healthy feet, here are a few links:

Here’s the extensive research performed by Harvard’s Daniel Lieberman.

The shoes I use on regular basis Vivo Barefoot

Combined with these insoles (can be used with any shoe) to create an imbalance and strengthen the foot.

Born To Run, one the best books I’ve read in the past years.
Interesting on a health, evolutionary and human level.

The author’s TED talk

And the great documentary based on the book, The Perfect Runner

You’ve got lots of information to make yourself on opinion.
And if you’ve got questions just asked me.

Take care
Mathieu Spencer


The Best EDC Flashlights

Compared to knives, people have only recently started carrying flashlights on a daily basis. In the past, carry options were limited to giant, dim Maglites or plastic Energizer torches. Since then, innovation in LED, battery, and optical technology brought a new generation of lights that outshine their predecessors. These brighter, smaller, and more useful modern lights are worth including in your EDC. In the second installment of Carry Smarter, we recommend our favorite lights to carry with you.

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Odd. Butt fun. In a Beavis & Butthead kind of way.

If something is worth saving, save it in a open file format.
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Daily art blog I dump things on daily.
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De FØRSTE i Danmarksparken 2014 from Morten Liebach on Vimeo.

I dag var vi i Randers Regnskov, og det var første dag der var åbent i Danmarksparken, så vi benyttede os af chancen til at være de første!



The bike with the bottle - rafael Fluid integrated hydration system.

Love this bike.

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Kilian Martin: Altered Route from Brett Novak on Vimeo.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Brett Novak

Patrick Watson - “Adventures in Your Own Backyard”

Made in collaboration with mb! Magazine:

Filmed on the Panasonic HVX-200

Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
Visual Effects done in Autodesk Combustion

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