Cannock National XC MTB - CARNAGE from Tom Gaffney on Vimeo.

Round 5 of the national XC MTB series of 2014 was held at Cannock Chase, me and a mate Scott Barley (SBR+) headed over for a half hour heckle and ended up stumbling across some CARNAGE!

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32 kg Female Turkish Get Up at 57 kg bodyweight.


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Nuclear test 15 megatons, Nevada, 1953, various angles.

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US military’s top secret X-37B shuttle ‘disappears’ for two weeks, changes orbit

Only a very select few in the US military know what it’s for, but observers on Earth believe they’re putting together the puzzle piece by piece.

Several sources claim quote arms control advocates who say it’s clearly the beginning of the “weaponisation of space.”

I Think it’s a super flexible spy satellite, much more than a weapon, after reading the article link.

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Lovely ultra-lightweight touring bike setup.

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